Top 10 Courses After 12th for Science, Commerce & Arts Students

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Choosing among the courses after the 12th is an important moment in everyone’s existence. The choice of courses after 12th grade will depend on the student’s 12th class stream selection. Engineering, medical sciences, law, management, and other fields offer students various career options. In this article, we will review the top 10 courses after the 12th for Science, Commerce, and Arts students that will assist them in making an informed career decision. These courses may give students excellent employment prospects and a rewarding career path. Let’s examine the ten best courses after 12th, Commerce, science, and Arts. 

Best Courses After 12th Science

If you are from 12th Science, here are a few course options to consider:

1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) – Best UG course after 12th Science

After 12th grade, PCM students can opt for a Bachelor of Science degree. You can pursue bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Animation & Multimedia, etc. Moreover, you are qualified to work in science and non-science fields with a B.Sc. 

Additionally, prospects for career advancement and compensation packages for graduates from science are acceptable. Hence, you must continue your higher education (specialized postgraduate programs, M.Sc. or MBA) to be further job-ready.

2. Engineering – Best course after 12th Science

Engineering constitutes one of the popular courses after 12th for students with a passion for science, technology, and mathematics who wish to pursue a career in technology. Moreover, you must pass the college’s national or state-level entrance examination to admit to engineering schools. Further, there are many subfields of engineering. A few of them are:

  • Computer/ IT Engineering
  • Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

3.  Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) – Best field after 12th science

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) is a 5-year full-time curriculum. Further, this course focuses on applying technology and engineering to the practice of architecture. The Bachelor of Architecture program will teach you to plan, design, and build structures using proper techniques. Candidates must have earned a 10+2 certificate from a recognized board with at least a 50 percent average.

The Best Courses After 12th Commerce

If you are searching for the best courses after 12th Commerce, then you may consider the following options:

1. CA – Best course after 12th commerce for High salary

Chartered Accountancy is among the most prestigious, well-regarded, and high-paying courses after 12th. Further, the course covers taxation, auditing, and accounting. Governed by the ICAI, CA is among the most prestigious career options. Moreover, when you complete the Chartered Accountancy course, you may seek employment as a chartered accountant, controller, financial officer, auditor, chief accountant, or tax consultant, among other positions.

CA duration is five years, with three levels to clear: CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Finals. 

2. B.Com – Best UG course after 12th Commerce

BCom, or Bachelor of Commerce, is among the most common and foundational degree in Commerce. In addition to the degree program, one can pursue various professional courses, such as CA, CS, CMA, etc. In addition to professional courses, economics, accounting, etc., specializations are available.

3. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) – Best field after 12th commerce for Management

Among the best courses after 12th is BBS. Bachelor of Business Studies, or BBS, is a three-year undergraduate commerce program. The course syllabus includes the topics of accounting, finance, marketing, organizational skills, and economics. Further, this course is for those with an exclusive interest in business. 

4. Cost & Management Accountancy – Best course after 12th commerce for Accounting 

Cost and management accounting is an approach of accounting that seeks to maximize profit through the administration of revenues and expenses. Further, it offers managers data and reports that influence their long-term profit and expansion strategies. In addition, Cost and management accounting offers managers data and analytical reports that can help to make options that will result in long-term profits and advancement.

Further, CMA has three levels, and you need to clear all the levels to become a CMA. 

Best Courses After 12th Arts To Consider

Let’s check the best courses after 12th are as follows:

1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)  – Best UG courses after 12th Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is among the most common undergraduate degrees offered by institutions in India and is open to pupils of all backgrounds. Different specializations, such as English, Hindi, History, Psychology, Economics, Mathematics, Media & Journalism, etc., are available to students.

2. BJMC – Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication : Best Fields after 12th Arts

BJMC is a three-year bachelor’s degree that focuses on journalism and media. It explains how information is spread to the general public via various channels.

3. Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) – Best courses after class 12th Arts

The LL.B. is the most prevalent common law degree provided and granted by Indian universities, and it takes three years to complete. Today, several Indian universities provide five-year integrated LL.B. courses comparable to those offered by the National Law Schools of India, whereas others remain to offer the standard three-year program. 

Moreover, the Bar Council of India recognizes both integrated and traditional forms of law degrees as meeting the admission requirements.

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Final Words for Best courses after 12th

No matter what courses after 12th you opt for, work hard and achieve your objectives. Decide based on your expertise, interests, and desire. 

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