Strategies For Negotiating A Severance Package 


Receiving a severance package can be a bittersweet moment. Your soon-to-be-former employee has handed you the package. You are happy to have received a huge amount, but you are also going to say goodbye to the company you worked at. Regardless of how high the amount may seem, you should never accept it without making a few considerations. 

First things first, it is important to understand what a severance package is and its purpose. In such situations, a Guide to Negotiating Severance Agreements can give you the clarity you are seeking. However, that can only provide educational information. For legal advice, you must consult with a professional or an employment attorney. 

Strategies for negotiating a severance package

  • Read and understand every term. 

While negotiating a severance package, make sure to read the document carefully. It is a legal document. Take your time, read it thoroughly, and make sure you understand every detail clearly. Firstly, organize the main components of the severance package, then look up any confusing terms. Do not sign the package if any information is missing or not mentioned.

  • Keep calm and collected.

You might be worried about whether you will be able to find a new job or how it will impact your family. However, it is important that you keep calm and focused in these situations. Anything you say or do during this situation can be used against you, eliminating any chances that you may have for negotiations. Stay polite and calm, and act professionally.

  • Research the market.

One of the most important things to do is to research the market value of your experience and skills. Researching will allow you to get an estimate of how much severance pay you can demand and how long it will take to get you a new job. 

While performing the research, you can also use online tools such as industry reports or salary calculators to get an idea of the average salary for your job. You can also ask other professionals in your industry about their job prospects and severance packages.

  • Get an expert opinion.

While reviewing your severance package, seek help and advice from experts such as business mentors or lawyers. It becomes more crucial if you have never been laid off from work before. 

Professionals or experts can help you determine if the package is right for you or when you could get a better option and identify any misleading information in the severance package. 

Having an expert by your side is extremely important if the severance package consists of a nondisclosure agreement, as it can limit your future job options. 


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