5 Charming Corporate Gift Ideas To Delight Your Colleagues

Business practices have evolved as a result of the pandemic and the rise of telecommuting. The corporate gifting industry has already reached $242B and is projected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 8.1% through 2024, indicating that experiences and offline gifting campaigns are not only unfazed but more important than ever.

Since many businesses now function entirely online, it’s crucial that they find ways to foster a positive work environment, often from a distance. Furthermore, as digital marketing automation has matured, customers have become increasingly skeptical of the online efforts that many businesses have relied on for the past 15 years to generate new business.


Gourmet snacks and treats

Truffles, sticky toffee, dragees, and puff pastry are just a few of the gourmet treats that will brighten your staff’s holiday season and leave a lasting impression. Who wouldn’t find a chocolate lover appealing? The best corporate gifts would be a selection of the finest candies, including some healthier options like dry fruits and nuts on cakes in Mumbai, as these would be appreciated by people of all ages and help to sweeten the celebration.



Why don’t you tea drinkers relax with a hot cup of herbal tea? Or, why not accept Eva’s handcrafted tea infuser for a more flavorful cup of tea? And for the coffee connoisseurs, how about a steaming cup of premium Ethiopian coffee or a French press made just for you by Eva?



Your business associates and devoted customers deserve the best, which is why you should treat them to a bottle of aged wine or a bottle of fine whiskey. A party wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of carefully selected wine and some engraved stemware. Check out Eva’s selection of fine liquor glasses and other accessories for elegant client gifts.

Sending your clients and business partners a thoughtful gift with a super option of Sending cake online will demonstrate your dedication to keeping your word and lay the groundwork for a fruitful working relationship.


Health and well-being

To relax and reenergize for the celebrations, a body massager, a self-care kit, and a scented candle would be ideal. It would also be lovely to combine essential oils, bath salts, and herbal spa mix. To give your working mother a relaxing spa day, check out Eva’s thoughtful Mama hamper.

Gifts like fitness watches, eye masks, and workout bands would also be appreciated by the health nuts and fitness freaks in your life.


Smart home appliances

Bluetooth speakers, wireless accessories, WiFi thermostats and plugs, and countless other smart gadgets never lose their appeal and popularity because they are easy to use, require little maintenance, and streamline daily life. What better way to spread holiday cheer than with a brand new Echo Dot or a thoughtful Bluetooth speaker for your staff and clients?



Baby Essentials

Keeping the kids entertained at home is a laborious but rewarding endeavor. Since a happy and entertained child means a fuss-free holiday celebration, puzzles, soft toys, shape sorters, Kindle, paint kits, swaddles, and baby accessories would make wonderful corporate gift ideas. Get your staff some thoughtful baby and kid-friendly game gift boxes from Eva to keep them occupied over the holidays. But a jigsaw or shape sorter puzzle would be entertaining, right?


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Pet requirements

Because of their dependable nature, pets are considered members of the family. A pet can be everything you need: a sympathetic ear, a loving sibling, and a reliable friend. Smart pet trackers, squeaky bone toys, and puppy care kits are wonderful corporate gifts with a surplus surprise because they are entertaining, attractive, and made to make your pets wag their tails or meow in joy. For a memorable holiday with pets, give your customers cute pet accessories hand-picked by Eva, like a Cheerble toy or a Smart Bone.


Camera and lens accessories

Selfies and candid high definition photographs are essential components of any modern celebration. Everyone enjoys looking their best in photographs, whether it be a family portrait or a snapshot of themselves in their favorite dress or pair of shoes. 

Gifts, no matter how thoughtful or expensive, are useless if the recipient doesn’t appreciate them. Similar to how you might get to know some of your customers through repeated interactions, you can’t possibly become familiar with the individual tastes of each of your employees. How would you devise a corporate gift strategy that would be appreciated by all of your staff, customers, and partners?

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