The Art of Preserving a 99 Rose Bouquet: How to Dry and Store Roses?

Rose Bouquet

You might be shocked to learn that you don’t have to discard your beautiful rose bouquet! Many artistic endeavors call for dried flowers. So why not use that lovely present you received last year for a new project rather than tossing it away?

These are all the original concepts we compiled for you!

Create a Wreath:

Making a wreath out of your dried roses is our first original suggestion. This is a fantastic option if you received your 99 roses bouquet as a special present since it will help you keep the memory alive in your house.

You must make sure that the flowers are entirely dry if you want to create a rose wreath. If you believe your Eternity Roses require additional time, it is advisable to either wait a little longer or set them in a sunny area until they are completely dry.

Making your wreath and deciding how to arrange the various components is enjoyable. You could even create the wreath entirely out of roses if you got more than enough of them.

If you have fewer roses at your disposal, you may incorporate additional plants into the arrangement to create something more personal. Depending on when your roses have dried, you could even turn them into a seasonal wreath by using vibrant fall foliage or spring flowers.

Naturally, this concept applies to any variety of roses you received from us. You may use the petals of any hue to make a charming and distinctive wreath.

Do-it-yourself Potpourri:

Make your potpourri by combining dry herbs and flower petals in a small container. If you want to incorporate some nice-smelling essential oils, this is a fantastic idea because it allows their aroma to fill a smaller space.

When you are finished using it, you can store the potpourri mixture in a mason jar, sachet, or another container that can be closed. It is quite easy to produce, has a great appearance, and the rose scent can make any space seem cheery.

Make sure the 99 roses have dried thoroughly first. The petals should then be removed and combined in your jar or dish. If you wish to add more flowers or other materials, combine the remaining components. Make sure to include any spices or essential oils before moving on to the next step.

Last but not least, secure the lid or cover the container you used to make the potpourri. To allow the aroma to develop in the container, you should let the combination lie undisturbed for a considerable amount of time. After that, you may always open the container to let the lovely aroma fill the space.

Making this project is quick and simple. Waiting for the potpourri smell to develop in your container takes the longest.

Create a dried flora crown:

Any type of flower can be arranged into a flower crown. Any headpiece you decide to design would look stunning and unique with dried roses added! Flower crowns are stunning, sophisticated, and ideal for photos.

You will require a length of wire that you can measure to suit your head. The dried roses can then be attached in any way that suits you from there! If you have any kids at home, they will enjoy helping you create the crown for this charming accessories DIY project.

This project can be approached in a plethora of ways. Your crown could be made of a variety of plants, with the dried roses serving as the focal point. Or you could make the entire crown out of roses. Everything depends on you and the number of flowers you have on hand.

You may also discover a huge range of other flora outside. For each season, when different outdoor foliage emerges, you could create a unique crown. With this concept, the options are unlimited and there is a ton of potential for creativity.

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Press the petals and frame them:

Consider pressing the flowers and placing them in a frame if you want to keep the flowers around for even longer. Before pressing the rose between books, you must arrange the petals on it. Additionally, you should make sure that there is paper underneath and on top of the roses.

To ensure that the flowers are completely dry and maintain their new shape, you should press them for a while. When you’re done, arrange the photos in a frame and hang them up to use as decor in your house.

The flower petals can be arranged in the frame in any way you choose. They could be a sweet addition to any existing pictures you already have around the house. When arranging the roses in the frame, this project gives you lots of room to experiment and use your imagination.

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