Microfibre Pique (PK) T-Shirt

Even though it is less common than the other materials on this list, it has a premium appearance, resembling standard honeycomb polo t-shirt material and exhibiting the wonderful properties of a polyester-based material,

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such as light weight and quick drying. Golf polo t-shirts made of this microfiber pique fabric are commonly available.

Look premium
For polo t-shirts, smart casual  harry styles nazi shirt
Fast drying to keep the wearer cool  BEST FASHION OF HOODI 

 Mini Interlock Polyester T-Shirt

One of the fabrics we most frequently suggest, especially for outdoor activities, and one that customers like. It is definitely one of the better fitting shirts if you want a somewhat thin fit because it is slightly elastic and fitted.

Soft and welcoming
Outdoors, water-absorbent materials that dry quickly keep the wearer dry and comfortable.
Premium feel and elasticity
utilised by a few high-end brands.  harry styles nazi merch
Available in polo t-shirts and roundneck t-shirts  BEST FASHION OF HOODI 


If you want to cut expenses on orders for big quantities, a few pennies may go a long way.

If the order is for more than 200 pieces, we would suggest the microfibre eyelet material because it is typically the least expensive of those mentioned above  essentials knit hoodie

. Under the category of dri-fit roundneck t-shirts in our supplier’s ready stock selection is microfiber eyelet material as well.  BEST FASHION OF HOODI 


searching for the most comfortable and well-fitting material. The mini-interlock material or the melange jersey are both highly suggested.  eric emanuel sweatsuit

Due to their extra softness and slight elasticity, both are suitable for demanding and high-mobility sports.


Different types of dri fit material will suit you based on your needs depending on the purpose of the shirt. Microfibre eyelet material could be the most affordable option if you want to distribute shirts for events.


Most of the dri-fit fabrics described above will function flawlessly for outdoor activities. In our perspective, some people are more suited than others for a certain activity or role.


Here is a quick synopsis  BEST FASHION OF HOODI 

Widest colour selection, generic all-purpose microfibre eyelet.
If you don’t like the big eyelet holes, use the minimesh eyelet.
Interlock: Extra-smooth texture for athletic jerseys.

Melange Jersey: More flexibility and a premium feel.
RJ made of microfiber feels more luxurious and is thicker.  playboi carti cat hoodie

Polo shirts made of microfiber with a honeycomb pattern.
Extra-soft Mini Interlock,

Can’t find what you want?

Looking for a particular hue that isn’t offered? Don’t worry; we can make custom dyes with a minimum order of 500 t-shirts. If you need fewer than 500 t-shirts,

you may choose sublimation printing with just a 30 piece minimum order.

Find out more about printing SUBLIMATION.
Searching for a specific resource that wasn’t mentioned?  essential knit hoodie


You might be able to get it from us. We do have market-available suppliers of a wide range of materials; we may just not have selected them for use in our goods.  essentials hat

Please feel free to get in touch with MonsterPrints if you need any further information or help selecting the best option for printing your t-shirts on dri-fit fabric.

A brand-new alternative printing technique to direct to garment printing (also known as DTG printing) is direct to film printing, or DTF printing.

chrome heart hat DTG printing and conventional vinyl heat transfer printing can be combined to create DTF printing.  Balenciage bucket hat

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