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The newest fashion craze is the oversized look. Particularly more than ever, the rise of kpop has drawn attention to the use of various types of outfit in oversized clothing,

including oversized t-shirts, crop tops, hoodies, and other fleeced garments  BEST FASHION OF HOODIES 

. Numerous fashion companies have also noticed the trend and have begun offering their t-shirts and hoodies in oversized cuts.

Modern streetwear origins 

The streetwear trend emerged from hip-hop in the 1970s and the early 1980s, mixing parts of surf culture from Los Angeles and New York City with japanese street dress in search of the punk look.

Designer of surfboards Shawn Stussy began selling t-shirts with the same trademark in the late 1980s, and his t-shirts quickly became quite popular.  BEST FASHION OF HOODIES 

The contemporary concept of streetwear culture—t-shirts and exclusivity—was subsequently formed as a result of his decision to move the company into exclusive sales that resulted in a product scarcity.

Beginning in the early 1990s, record companies with hip-hop musicians started marketing apparel with embroidered printing on letterman and workwear jackets.

Early influences from well-known sports brands may be seen in the creation of basketball jerseys, jackets, large t-shirts, and hats.  BEST FASHION OF HOODIES 


To meet your desires for personalization, we have developed a new line of large t-shirts. We can help if you need to print some huge t-shirts for your own t-shirt business.    callmeifyougetlost

The current minimum order number for giant t-shirts is 30, and prices vary depending on the design you choose.

We decided to use 100% TCCotton that weighs about 180gsm. Soft and comfy, yet not so soft that the shirt appears weak or brittle.


More cotton t-shirt choices can be found here.

OT01 baggy t-shirt

Printing techniques for oversized t-shirts

For bright, long-lasting graphics on giant t-shirts, use silkscreen printing. This method of printing on giant T-shirts is typical for products that are ready for market.  BEST FASHION OF HOODIES 

Large and extravagant graphics are very popular for heat transfer printing on oversized t-shirts.
oversized t-shirts with detailed embroidery


T-shirts that are oversized are large, square, and have long sleeves.
To contrast your preferred look, wear skinnier trousers with your large t-shirts. As a result, wearing an enormous t-shirt will no longer be an error in sizing.

Jogger-style trousers are the most common outfit to wear with an oversized t-shirt.

Skinnier trousers go great with big t-shirts, but so does an entirely baggy ensemble.

a common technique among b-boys and hip-hop dancers that allows them a variety of movement for their trade.


For a comfy and laid-back summer style, pair it with a pair of denim shorts. A straw hat and an oversized blouse with Hawaiian-inspired designs are essential summer accessories.

Show off the bralette straps for a comfy and seductive look by wearing an oversized v-neck t-shirt.
With an enormous t, balance out your appearance.

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