Complications During Dissertation Writing Process – How to Solve Them

Dissertation Writing Process


When you start working on your dissertation, you will come across several complications and you might even want to give up on this project. The ultimate solution to those problems is not giving up, but finding ways to deal with such issues. This article will brief you on some complications that arise during dissertation writing process and we will also discuss possible solutions to such problems. Let’s dive into the topic.

1. Selecting the Right Topic

Many students find it incredibly difficult to choose an appropriate research topic for their dissertation. Selecting a research topic that is neither too wide and nor too narrow becomes a challenge for students. If you choose a topic that is difficult to research, you might end up regretting the choice and want to change the topic midway of the dissertation writing process.


To avoid this problem, you should follow the university guidelines for selecting a research topic and get the chosen topic approved by your thesis supervisor. You can also take assistance from dissertation help services to find the right and suitable topic.

2. Time Management

The most significant issue an academic researcher faces during the research and dissertation writing process is of time management. It becomes incredibly difficult for the student to effectively manage their time between their family and work responsibilities. They have to continuously juggle job, family and studies and end up losing their concentration and focuses on the either of these main pillars of their lives.


Making time management plans and consistently sticking to them will help you get done with your dissertation faster. Another alternative solution to this problem is hiring an academic writing agency to craft a few dissertation sections or chapters for you, so that you can focus on other parts.

3. Formatting Issues

Most students feel stuck when it comes to fulfilling the formatting needs of a dissertation. most universities advise their students to follow certain formatting instructions and guide them to use certain citation styles. Following the suggested formatting guidelines will give a professional look to your dissertation and it also tends to increase the readability of your academic documents. Minor formatting mistakes leave a bad impact of your dissertation on the supervisor and you end up suffering in the form of getting lower-than-expected grades in your dissertations.


A possible solution to this problem is checking the complete and detailed guidelines of your university for the citation style guide to follow. No matter what style guide you need to follow (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc.), you should oblige by the rules of your university. You can also choose to hire a dissertation editing agency to erase all sorts of flaws from your dissertation and make it totally error-free.

4. Not Finding Relevant Literature

The literature review section of a dissertation enlightens a reader on the existing academic information available on your research topic. Often, it becomes challenging for a student to find relevant literature per their research topic. Since a literature review section of a dissertation is pretty lengthy, you will need to add a considerable amount of information in it during the dissertation writing process. It adds value to your research and makes it appear worthy in the eyes of your fellow researchers and scientific community. A dissertation having a full-fledged literature review section will definitely have more weightage than a dissertation with significantly less amount of literature review in it.


You can use several online resources which serve as the repository of knowledge to find helpful resources for your dissertation. Google Scholar can help you find relevant articles per the topic of your research and by using it, you will be able to access unlimited scholarly articles, journals and books. Such resources help you get the required information so as to include in the literature review section during the dissertation writing process.

5. Finalising a Dissertation Statement

The students who are not good at writing academic papers find it incredibly difficult to craft a dissertation statement. a thesis statement must be strong and engaging enough to follow in the remaining document – it can be rightly termed as an important part of your dissertation.


A possible solution to this problem that may arise during the dissertation writing process is to ask for the help of your friends, fellow researchers and the thesis advisor. These people, in particular, will be able to help you formulate a good thesis statement. Another solution is to hire a dissertation writing agency to write an impeccable dissertation statement per the objectives of your research.

6. Structuring the Dissertation Chapters

Another most common problem faced by a number of students is the difficulty in structuring the dissertation chapters. Ensuring that the dissertation chapters are structured properly and show your research in an organised and logical manner can prove difficult for the students. it is not a problem to be ignored because correctly structuring the chapters of your dissertation can save you a lot of other possible mistakes.


You will need to use the tips given by your university on how to structure the chapters of your dissertation to deal with this matter. It is also advisable to take help from a dissertation writing agency as the expert writers available on board at a dissertation writing service can easily help you structure the chapters of your dissertation per your choice. It will save your time and relieve you of all the academic anxiety and stress.


The problems mentioned above in the dissertation writing process are the ones which almost every other student has to face during their academic journey. If you are facing any of such issues, you can use the solutions we have mentioned in our article to get rid of such problems. However, if you find it difficult, you can also go for hiring dissertation writing services to assist you better in crafting your dissertation and relieve you of all academic worries.

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