Tips To Find The Perfect Shirt For Your Body Type

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If you’re looking for shirts for men, consider the size, body type, and fabric to purchase shirts. Branded shirts boast different styles, collars, and cuffs that will make you look perfect. 

Shirts can range from formal to casual to extremely formal. If you are looking for a shirt that looks & feels great, here is a guide on building a collection of shirts that will be perfect for any stylish outfit. Premium Shirts Brands come in many styles, fits, colors, and fabrics, so you can pick one that fits your style.

  • Determining Your Shirt Size:

The circumference of the neck & the length of the arm usually determines the size of regular shirts. These two measurements ensure a perfect fit for gentlemen. Additional measurements, such as chest circumference, are also considered. Shirts are often labeled as small, medium & large.

Different brands will have their size charts online, so when you want to best high-quality shirts online, ensure that you measure the length, shoulders, sleeve length, and waist before you make the final purchase.

Here Are Some Tricks For Buying The Right Shirt

  • Measure Both the Arms:

We all have arms of different lengths. When you are looking for a shirt, provide the length of each arm individually to ensure the perfect fit. In addition, while shopping for that perfect fit, you have to provide the size of the neck and arm and the chest, waist, and wrist measurements. Moreover, the length of the shoulders and back are also considered.

  • Find A Fit That Suits You:

Slim Fit: The trick you can use here is knowing your body shape. You can be fairly trim, so opt for a tailored fit cut, or choose a straighter style if you have a beach body. Young men have always tried to differentiate their looks. A slim-fit shirt is less comfortable and has more constriction in your movement. But it is popular as it eliminates excess fabric. A slim-fit shirt sits closer to the body, giving you a smart look. A slim-fit shirt can look flattering on all body frames. 

Modern Fit: This type falls in between the classic & the slim Fit. It provides the best of both styles. The shirts feature a slightly tapered silhouette at the waist, and the back darts create a good trimmer look. The sleeves have some room, and the yoke extends past the shoulder bone. This Fit complements the largest body frames.

Super Slim: This style, also known as Skinny Fit, has gained popularity with younger boys who think tighter is fashion. Super-fit shirts are characterized by many wrinkles and justify a very skinny body. However, they restrict your range of movement. 

Stripes for A Formal Look: Stripes are another popular style to choose from if you want formal attire. The distance and thickness of the stripes determine how casual or formal the shirt looks. The thinner stripes make the best formal shirts. Stripes placed far apart are perfect for a casual evening.

Windowpane Shirts: These come with perpendicular lines that are evenly spaced out. The lines are all over the shirts. These shirts can be casual or formal, depending on how large the squares are. The smaller squares and thinner lines give a more formal look. So, choose accordingly to look smart!

  • Watch for the Fabric: 

People look for shirts made of good quality fabric. For office wear, you can choose a breathable material. Cotton and linen are the best choices; they are durable and easy to wash. The white cotton shirt is perfect for a stressful day. Linen is a great choice, especially for the summer. Linen wrinkles up fast. If you are looking for something classy, then opt for silk shirts. Cotton half sleeves shirt justifies a perfect summer day. 

  • The Right Color:

Another tip to consider with buying the best shirts is to pick the right color. For a casual day out, you can opt for a light or bright-colored shirt. For formal shirts, go for whites, greys, etc., for business meetings or any other formal event.

The color theory integrates your shirt color perfectly into any outfit, but when choosing formal shirts online, the common colors you will always encounter are white, off-white, & blue.

For instance, a blue shirt is the most common color that can be found in every wardrobe. Nearly every shade of blue can easily go for classic office wear. 

Final Wrap

Today, office shirts have become much broader in terms of fit & color. A classic shirt can stay stiff, and these shirts have a pointed collar and double cuffs. Now, open-style collar shirts feature a button-up front, a straight hem, and a perfect fit. Bombay shirts have the variety and the stock to feed all your fashion quests!

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