Tracking Calls With a Call Tracker

tracking calls

A call tracker is a software that helps businesses keep tabs on calls. It also connects the calls with specific marketing efforts and campaigns.

It’s important to use a call tracking system to help you make better decisions with your marketing budget. It can help you understand which ads and marketing channels bring in the most leads and which ones need to be adjusted.

Tracking calls

Whether you’re a small business or a marketer at a large company, you can benefit from tracking calls with a call tracker. It’s a great way to know which marketing channels drive the most calls and which ones generate more ROI.

A call tracker enables you to monitor your phone calls and capture important details, like the date and time of the call, wait times, and ad campaign or channel that drove the call. This information is useful for recapturing lost leads and improving your customer service efforts.

Call tracking is also an effective way to measure the performance of your online ads, including search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click campaigns. It lets you see which campaigns are driving the most traffic to your website and helps you optimize these for maximum results.

Some companies offer call tracking as part of their suite of marketing tools, while others build it into their websites. Most call tracking software integrates with other systems to provide a holistic view of marketing performance.

Attributing calls

Attribution of calls with a call tracker provides granular data on the source of each phone call, helping businesses make more informed decisions about how they allocate their marketing spend. This data allows them to optimise their advertising strategies and drive more leads, sales, and revenue.

In the current digital landscape, CMOs are under a great deal of pressure to prove their ROI. With the growth of mobile channels, call conversions have skyrocketed and marketers need to know how these conversions came about.

Without full attribution of these inbound phone calls, it’s impossible to optimize campaigns or use any attribution models effectively.

To address this, technology vendors have developed solutions to help marketers shine a light on this glaring hole in their analytics. These solutions help CMOs get visibility into the source of every inbound phone call and ensure that all digital marketing efforts are accurately attributed. This enables CMOs to fully prove their ROI and avoid any ad-spend-eating guesswork.

Reporting calls

Call tracking is a valuable tool that allows you to see how marketing campaigns drive incoming calls. It helps you determine which campaigns are effective and which ones aren’t.

A good call tracker will also show you where the phone calls are coming from, and which sources send them. This data can help you make smarter decisions about your marketing and improve your ROI.

For example, a call tracker with keyword-level reporting can help you pinpoint which keywords are driving the most calls from your PPC traffic. This can help you optimize your campaign and prioritize follow-up with qualified leads.

A call tracker that includes agent metrics can help you manage your team’s performance and ensure all calls are answered properly. This can save you time and money by identifying areas of improvement, improving agent performance, and replacing underperforming agents.

Managing calls

Call tracking is a vital component for most businesses that use a phone number in their marketing and depend on calls to make appointments and sales. Automotive dealerships, home service companies, healthcare practices, and marketing agencies can all benefit from call tracking software.

By capturing data from your website, pay-per-click campaigns, and email marketing, you can identify the specific marketing channels that are driving high-value phone calls. Once you understand this data, you can optimize your marketing tactics to increase conversion rates and improve ROI.

The best call tracking solutions integrate seamlessly with your tech stack to provide a complete view of marketing performance. Phonexa’s call intelligence platform, Call Logic, is a great example of this. It offers seamless integrations and the ability to customize parts of its platform.

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