Discover the Reality of Breast Explant Surgery

So, you had a breast implant done a few years back. Nevertheless, you no longer want your breasts to look like the way they do. Or, the implants put inside are causing more discomfort that their worth, and so it may be the right time to think about explant surgery. Also called breast implant removal, the procedure is performed under controlled supervision of an explant surgeon after which the implant from your breasts will be removed to give you a fresh look.

Many women talk about breast implants and explants, but the ones who are new to this term keep wondering how these conditions actually look like. Today, we are going to limit our discussion to breast explant surgery and what it really looks like. Let us now walk you through what you must expect, how long you will take in explant surgery recovery, and why this surgery is becoming more popular year after year.

Reasons why women choose to opt for an explant surgery

Before we tell you what a breast explant will make you experience, let us take a look at why you should have such a surgery.
As per reports and surveys, the number of explant surgeries being performed are rising steadily. We have already seen an increase of 65% surgeries happening. So, what is driving this increase. As a part of a more open conversation, women choose to have such a surgery because they want to enjoy the benefits that come as a result. Let us check some of them here.

Aesthetic Preference

You got your implants done and you enjoyed your look and appearance for some time. However, with time, your preferences have changed and the current goals no longer matches your appearance. So, going for a breast implant removal lets your appearance evolve with you. A celebrity quoted very well after she got her breast explant done. She stated, “They have been great for me for years but now, I am just over these”.

Changes in your Body

We all know that our bodies evolve as we age and due to these changes, the external implants will cause more discomfort. Women get implants done before their get married but right after their wedding, conditions like pregnancy make them gain weight and the implants look out of place. changes like these in the body call for breast implant removal.

Medical Complications

You will need a breast explant done because you have medical complications such as the implant is ruptured, capsular contracture, and more.

Breast Explant Recovery

Most women will just need a period of 2-4 weeks to recover from explant surgery. In the beginning you might feel dizzy and fatigued, but gradually your body will recover.

For more information about explant surgery recovery, get in touch with your explant surgeon.

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