How To Choose The Perfect Tailored Shirt Or Custom Suit For Men

Ready to upgrade your wardrobe with a tailored shirt or custom suit? Follow these tips to ensure you get the perfect fit and style.

Investing in well tailored shirts or custom suits can make all the difference if you want to elevate your style game. It can be difficult to know where to begin when so many options are available. Suit Club NYC is the best place to help you find the perfect fit and style for your needs.

a) Know your measurements

Before shopping for a mens custom suits, you must know your measurements. This includes your neck, chest, waist, hips, and inseam. Knowing your measurements will ensure that the shirt or suit fits properly and flatters your body shape.

You should also remember that some brands and tailors have slightly different sizes, so don’t be afraid to try different sizes to discover the best fit.

b) Make sure you select the right fabric for your needs

● There is an option for a classic fabric like cotton or wool for formal events. And for a casual look, linen or chambray can be a great choice. You can check out Suit Club NYC for various options.

● If you live in a warmer climate, choose a lightweight fabric that breathes well. Don’t forget to consider the fabric’s color and pattern to match your style and wardrobe.

● Consider the occasion and climate when choosing a fabric for your tailored shirts or custom suit.

● Also, a heavier fabric like tweed or flannel can keep you warm and stylish if you live in a colder climate.

c) Consider the occasion and style

There are several factors to consider when choosing a custom suit. For formal events, a certain style is best suited to a solid color or subtle pattern.

It’s also important to consider the fit and cut of the garment to ensure it flatters your body type and complements your style.

d) Pay attention to details

Attention to detail is essential when choosing a mens custom suits. This includes the type of collar, cuffs, buttons, and pockets. These small details can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the garment.

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